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Fish Jones — Conspiratorial

Recorded live on 08/11/2021 in an undisclosed location.

Laurent Corbeil as The Muscles
Alexis Gagnon as The Shoes
Léo Jost as The Mouth
Violet Hébert as The Looks
and introducing
Joseph Blais as The Brains

Directed by Antoine Laroche
Presented in collaboration with Atondo Musique


She was pale, her skin the colour of the sky on a cold winter day.

She herself was cold. Unavailable. Or unattainable. Aloof but reserved.

She had been hurt before.

The women laughed together. Conspiratorial. She lit her friend a cigarette and they kissed. The smoke brushed her face in a way I longed to but could not.

Cheap lipstick on the cigarette. Her taste on my lips. The pill, dissolved in the plastic cup on the bar, left a mark in the foam the colour of the stain she had left on my mouth.

Oh, to burrow inside and worry away at her defences. Would that she might open, like a locket or a diary. That we could be together, not adjacent.

That I could give myself up to something larger than myself.

A worthwhile thing.